The Data Portcullis Reporting System

Data Portcullis provides over 50 different reports using simple ‘point and click’ criteria selection to generate informative Graphs and Reports showing all the information Data Portcullis is analysing in real time.  Specific access to all reports and report content can be fully locked down to conform with whatever your security requirements are for internal corporate staff and even for external Clients if needed.

Users can run reports in real time in any format.  Reports can be exported as PDF’s or as Word documents, and data can be extracted into Excel/CSV if you wished to perform your own analysis. You can even create your own SQL and create a brand new Report of your own (or you could just ask us to include it for you!)

Here are a few example reports taken from Data Portcullis. Each of the 50+ reports can be presented in a variety of different ways:

Tracing Attackers

Data Portcullis can automatically trace and locate website attackers directly from the Reporting System by clicking directly on the Graph or Report!

Click to see a example of automatic IP tracing
Click to see another example of automatic IP tracing

  • Top Twenty Total Server Hits
  • Total Hit Count Since Date
  • Devices With Most Copied Cookies
  • IP Addresses With The Most Devices
  • Top Ten Daily Hits
  • Top ten rate of IP change
  • Top twenty devices with most IPs
  • Top ten timestamp fakers
  • Top ten most blacklisted devices