Patented Anti Screen Scraping Technology, Analytics and Profiling

Repeatedly identifies and tracks any device in real time without using cookies or login IDs – even devices using faked IP’s, fake headers and fake logins!

  • USER TRACKING AND PROFILING Target advertising campaigns based on individual User patterns and gather data of User behavior, history, location and social status.
  • TARGETED AUDIENCE CONTENT Show only certain Users information meant only for them, i.e. Triple your product price for unwanted devices or lower it to repeat visitors and casual browsers
  • Offer different products or website content based on exactly who is visiting your site, in real time
  • USER BLOCKING – Automatically and reliably block certain devices accessing your site.
  • Prevent Screen Scraping, Ticket Reselling, Income/Commission theft, Content theft and reproduction, Copyright & IPR theft, Clickthrough revenue loss
  • Stops Cyber bullying, Trolling, Multiple/fake account blocking, Vote Rigging, IP / Device tracing, Drop shipping, Fake bids, Fraudulent goods, Multiple accounts, Hacking….

Data Portcullis can be used by the following example industries to increase revenue in two ways – preventing huge revenue loss and to proactively increase revenue via targeted User tracking

  • TICKET SALES – Prevent Automated ticket theft, Ticket Touting, Ticket Reselling
  • BANKING FRAUD – Stop Account breaches, Data abuse, ID theft, Illegal data retention
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING – Stop Cyber bullying, trolling, Multiple/fake accounts
  • AIRLINES – O.T.A. blocking, Booking / Itinerary theft, Ancillary and commission theft
  • INSURANCE – Policy resale / misselling, Commission theft, F.S.A. legal breaches
  • NEWSPAPERS/MAGAZINES – Copyright & IPR theft, Advert revenue loss
  • REAL ESTATE – Content/Customer/Ancilllary sales theft, Middleman insertion
  • AUCTION SITES – Drop shipping, Fake bids, Fraudulent goods, Multiple accounts
  • ENFORCED API SIGNUP – Monetise your database – force Users to subscribe to your site
  • 2020 Update – performs 40+ real-time tests on every connection for every User on your system
  • Current Release handling 2000 requests PER SECOND! [Click here]

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How do they steal your data?

Click for O.T.A. Case Study

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Existing anti-scraping measures such as ‘Captcha’ or dedicated account logins can prevent access by automated ‘Bots’ and little else.  They are a waste of time.  ‘Captcha’ is bypassed / solved using OCR tools i.e. “”.  Human sweatshops (such as ‘DeathByCaptcha’) uses cheap 3rd world labour to solve and bypass your anti-scraping processes in just a few seconds.

Screen Scraping is the cornerstone upon which hundreds of online travel agents (i.e. Expedia, Lastminute, Opodo, BravoFly, OnTheBeach, LowCostHolidays…etc) depend, but it is also employed by price comparison sites (PriceRunner, GoCompare, MoneySupermarket…), content aggregators (Yodlee), drop shippers (Ebay, Zavvi, Hut Group), news aggregators (Google, Huffington Post…), affiliate marketeers (NetMovers,…), data resellers (Profitero), and indexing ‘bots’ (Google, Yahoo).

Aside from the serious legal, administrative, technical and logistical problems for business – consumers are constantly defrauded, copyright and IPR breaches are rife and 1st Tier service or goods providers lose billions. Computer fraud and ID theft is endemic across gambling, entertainment and auction websites, social networking sites are unable to prevent anonymous cyber-bullying and other criminal computer related activities and goods / service providers can lose over 20% of their entire annual revenue, a figure that significantly affects sales, branding, customer relationships and ultimately – share price.

Can Scrapers be Stopped?

A commercial website getting 15 million hits a day cannot expect a human to examine over twenty thousand hits a minute (350 hits per second!) – but Data Portcullis can do this.

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and our competitors?

Our competitors rely on server traffic monitoring such as IP address blocking an outmoded manual process that is childishly simple to bypass.  Wilson et al (2010) states that tracking Users by IP address, TCP port number or SSL session ID is a ‘fundamentally flawed’ method of detecting website attackers.

Our competitors “…perform a constant analysis of your website’s traffic and alerts our expert IT engineers whenever there’s an incident that looks like a scraping attack. Our operators evaluate the alert to see whether it’s a real attack or not” (CompuTrad 2013) – in other words – their detection systems are not automated and human operators just do their best to find attackers – results are given usually long after attackers have gone.

This is an inefficient and poor use of human resource, and would struggle to detect (for example) any website being attacked a thousand times an hour from 250 different IP addresses (i.e. once every 15 minutes per IP).

Captcha and other measures?

Existing anti-scraping measures such as ‘Captcha’ or dedicated account logins can prevent access by automated ‘Bots’ and little else. They are a waste of time.

Stop Screen Scrapers!

About Us

We are a small, dedicated team of Experts from various industries who have pooled our many years of first hand experience in the Content Theft industry.  Our combined experiences range from developing actual screen scraping computer code and ‘white hat’ hacking through to professionally investigating and prosecuting Website attackers and data content thieves (screen scrapers).  We understand exactly how your Web Server is being attacked and your Content, Services or Products stolen or copied, resold, dropshipped, re-published, or given away for free.
We have first hand experience of seeing how your Customers are defrauded and misled.  We know your Content Thieves masquerade as ‘affiliates’ and ‘partners’, that they steal your Clients and leave the admin mess for you to sort out.

We know you are losing advertising revenues and clickthrough footfall.  We know your business is being abused by duplicate account holders, cyber bullies, ID theft and other activities such multiple account abuse, cyber bullying, defamation, fraudulent goods, sniping, Copyright/IPR abuse and commission theft.

We also know that aside from costing you real money, these actions cause you serious legal and ethical breaches of conduct and of the Law.  We have spent years investigating the companies that carry this out, and have evidenced the repercussions of their actions across dozens of Court cases.  This first hand experience has led to the creation of the Data Portcullis system.

The processes employed by Data Portcullis are so innovative they have been officially documented and Patented, and are a combined result of many years of technical research and first hand experience.  Data Portcullis is a unique Patented fully automatic Device Fingerprinting and Reporting System that analyses every User connection in real time, handling over 20,000 individual visitors per minute without affecting normal website use.

It is our combined expert opinion that every other Device Fingerprinting / Server Protection / Anti-Scraping system currently in existence is simply not effective enough, and their processes and methodologies are too old, too well understood and too easily circumvented to be realistically applied as a genuine fix for todays sophisticated Website attackers.  Technology and methods that were appropriate ten years ago are no longer good enough.

Data Portcullis is efficient, effective and unique, and our Patent will ensure that it is kept it that way.  Take advantage of our Free Trial now.


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